Collection: Taste Buds Spice

Rob and Jim, two lifelong, childhood friends who share an interest in spicy foods and faith, decided to forge a partnership to share a little of both with the masses. Rob had been making his own version of our original Brimstone and Verde food enhancers for several years. Jim had been making an extremely hot salsa growing fresh veggies in his garden. After the gardening season, Jim (and several other friends) would give Rob all of the peppers left over from the garden. Rob would then dry the entire lot of peppers, add in a slew of additional ingredients he liked, and give it to his friends in thanks and out of kindness labeling it his "spice". Rob let his friends know that in addition to enhancing the flavor of their food, his "spice" would become addicting, and he was not wrong. People did like it... A LOT. Enough so that it had turned from an act of love into quite a bit of work and expense. Jim and Rob put their thoughts together, joined their two ideas and fine-tuned a few recipes, and set out to share with the public. This process is very grass roots with everything being done by hand one bottle at a time, and we wish to keep it that way. If you get a chance, try some of our wares, share them with friends, eat, drink, and be merry... and don't forget to choose joy! Keep your eyes out for ever-changing Bible verses on each bottle, and for some new spice combinations as well.